The AGM 2024 welcomes you to the official AGM-Shop!

Whispers of tradition and mystique are woven into threads and fabrics in our exclusive AGM collection. Wrapped in midnight blue like the deep night sky, each garment from our collection is a tribute to this year’s AGM.

Meet — the AGM hoodie that speaks in soft tones of comfort, an AGM cap that casts a shadow of mystery, the AGM hat that hides secrets in its warm embrace, and the official AGM t-shirt that silently converses with the winds of the north — a fragment of the forest spirit itself.

These are not just garments; they are talismans, imbued with the spirit of the AGM in Leksand. Wearing them is an initiation, a silent oath to join a hidden celebration of senses and hearts.

When you wear these emblems, you become a part of something larger than life, a story enveloped in the mist waiting for the festivities.

The AGM shop awaits, a silent portal to the unknown. Are you ready to become one of us?



Cap- Baseball 249:-

Cap – Snapback 249:-