A party to remember

One of the most enjoyable and fun features of a National Meeting is Friday’s ”homepartys”. Or as it might be more common to call it in everyday speech ”a home party in smaller company”. We meet in new constellations to get to know new people for the upcoming weekend.

To register as a Homeparty host click on any of the following below: Member of LC/RT/OT/TN Leksing

HP at RM2024

  • At the AGM 2024, homeparties will be held in the cottages at Leksand resort. It will be fun to have everyone gathered in one place! This means that HP can last a little longer, no long transports and no hassle!
  • We can’t get together 1000 ”home-at” HP places in little Leksand. There is both an LC and an RT club in Leksand-Rättvik, but even though we have taken help from former members and other loose people, we can’t get more than about 250 HP places in private homes outside Leksand resort.
  • There are 7 types of cottages at Leksand Strand. In 4 of these cottage types there will be a homeparty (Tallbacken 1, Tallbacken 2, Strandbyn and Björkbyn)
  • In the cottage types Söderbacken, Leksandsbyn 1 and Leksandsbyn 2 there will not be HP. If you do not want to be an HP host, you should therefore choose one of these.
  • If you take on an HP host role, you will be able to pre-book a ticket to the national meeting and a place in one of the relevant cottage types (Tallbacken 1 and 2, Strandbyn and Björkbyn). The pre-booking will take place a week before the other RM tickets are released. The HP host then gets a unique booking link and can secure their place at the national meeting.
  • When the link is shared, it is ”first come, first served” to the HP host roles.
  • If the HP host wishes to have a co-host, that is fine. The name of the co-host is then reported at the time of registration. The co-host can book their place in the regular booking a week later.
  • Other residents in the cottage will be distributed to other HP.
  • You book a bed in a cottage. In connection with the booking, you specify which people you want to share a cottage with. The organizers will then distribute the places in the cottages according to the participants’ wishes.
  • We will need to fill the places in the cottages so that all RM participants get a bed. If you book 6 beds in a cottage and there are 8 beds in the cottage, the remaining 2 places will be distributed to other RM participants.
  • We have counted with the regular bed places. In most cottages there are also ”extra” bed places that can be used if needed, but it is not a requirement.

Practical details around HPs

  • In the HP cottages, there are fully equipped kitchens. The kitchen equipment needed for HP is in the cottage.
  • HP hosts pick up food and drink at a designated place on the resort on Friday. As it approaches, our HP hosts will receive an email with all practical information.
  • If kitchen equipment such as glasses or plates break in the cottage during HP, Leksand resort is contacted at check-out.
  • If something larger breaks during HP (table/chair/bed), it is primarily replaced by the person(s) who caused the damage. If necessary, the HP group has a discussion with the HP host and/or the relevant guest.
  • If something is stolen during an HP, it is reported to the police. You are very welcome to inform the HP group and we will help to the best of our ability.
  • The implementation of AGM in Leksand is dependent on us using the cottages for homeparties.
  • We expect the AGM participants to respect the venue and those who stay there. As an HP guest in the cottage, you participate in the same way as you would have done at an HP in a home. That is: You have a lot of fun and at the same time respect the host and those who live in the cottage.


Do you want to host a homeparty?

We need many homes and cottages to be opened up for new friends from all over Sweden and the world (as some of our friends are even from other countries). It is with this background that we now ask for your attention.

It can be deadly boring, long boring…or, or absolutely wonderful! Homeparty is for most AGM guests the highlight of the weekend and for the AGM in Leksand to be the best ever, we need YOUR help!

Are you renting a cottage at Leksand Strand or some other central accommodation in Leksand? Can you imagine being the host of a homeparty or perhaps running a homeparty in someone else’s home at the AGM on Friday, May 10, 2024?

What we wish from you then is not much more than your hospitality, your venue, and your willingness to take care of a little dishwashing and an extra cleaning the day after.

A normal homeparty goes like this:

  • You get delivery of food and drink before the homeparty. The AGM provides the food and drink.
  • The day before your party, you prepare your home with chairs, tables, and set up for dinner.
  • The guests come to you at 6:30 pm on Friday, May 10, 2024.
  • Once there, everyone will help to lift your party to a fantastic evening.
  • You as the host make sure that games are played, that the food is served according to instructions, and that the music and joy shouts are at the best volume.
  • The guests leave you at 10:30 pm to go on to the party venue for Reunion. You make sure that everyone leaves your venue.
  • The day after, of course, there is a little cleaning and maybe a plate to wash. But above all, a wonderful feeling of having had a fantastic home party with lovely ”new” friends.

Now that you know a little more about what a homeparty involves, we simply ask:

Do you want to host a magical homeparty and an evening you will never forget?

Please answer in the forms below:

Please note that this registration does not guarantee any National Meeting ticket.

Want to know more? Contact us on HP@rm2024.se