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This is the National Meetup

Ladies Circle (LC) and Round Table (RT) are two networking associations that focus on friendship, charity, and creating contacts between young people up to 45 years old. In Sweden, there are about 300 LC and RT clubs with a membership number of 10-15 people per club.

The clubs meet regularly and carry out various activities, socialize and raise money for charity. We are present in most cities in Sweden and also internationally.

Every year around Ascension Day, both associations hold their annual meetings, also called ”National Meeting” (RM). The National Meeting lasts for three days with various activities and ends with an annual meeting and a large gala dinner.

We are the ones organizing the national meeting.

Here is a part of the fantastic team from District 9 that makes this National Meeting possible. The organizing group consists of members from clubs around District 9. From Mora in the north to Sala in the south. Under the leadership of the generals and spouses Micael and Sofia Lysén who together with their team create this magical weekend for you!

The work groups’ areas: Marketing and sponsorship, Activities and logistics, Homeparty, Technology and entertainment. Yet another fantastic collaboration across club boundaries, between our organizations – Thanks to everyone who helps to make this a reality!


Micael Lysén and Sofia Lysén

Contracts and economy:

Joseph Muhumuza and Pontus Eriksson Kangasalusta


Gabrielle Vikmans and Anna Kruse

Marketing, sponsorship and registration:

Niklas Frantzen, Martin Sund, David Berglind, Joakim Cederstrand Schön, Sebastian Niemi Carlsson, Joakim Andersson and Petter Stolth

Activities and logistics:

Anton Hedvall and Pontus Magnusson Adolfsson

Banquet, technology and entertainment Linus Samuelsson, Karolina Malm-Willadsen, Martin Sandgren and Magnus Sjöström

Do not hesitate to ask questions, by email or via our social channels!

Micael Lysén


073 924 82 82

Sofia Lysén

Sociala media and press

073 566 80 19

Joseph Muhumuza

Contracts and economy

073 560 57 22

Gabrielle Vikmans
och Anna Kruse


073 310 17 55

Niklas Frantzen

Marketing, sponsorship and registration

070 755 17 60

Anton Hedvall

Activities and logistics

073 726 36 27

Linus Samuelsson

Entertainment and tech

070 359 68 48