Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions about the AGM.

When do we release the tickets?

Homeparty hosts and HS On Monday, January 22 at 10:00, if you are a homeparty host or HS member, you will have the opportunity to book a ticket and accommodation. Information will come by email.

The tickets are released in two rounds!

Ticket release 1: Monday, January 29 at 18:00 for active members within LC, RT, OT and Tangent. You must specify which club you belong to when booking.

Ticket release 2: Thursday, February 29 at 18:00, if you have not had time to book a place, or are PM or guest, you get the chance to secure your ticket.

How should the theme be interpreted?

This year’s theme: Where myths become reality.

Leksand, with its 700-year history, has traditions, folklore and myths deeply rooted in its soul. Here are forest beings, witchcraft, witches, legend and mystique. Only you set the limit for your own imagination. Take the theme to new levels by letting your imagination run free.

What is the easiest way to get to Leksand?

The car is the easiest, but it is possible to take both train and bus to Leksand Station. You can also fly to Stockholm Arlanda and then take the train.

I have bought a ticket, but something came up – can I get a refund?

To some extent… Up to 2 months before the national meeting, the registration fee is refunded minus an administrative fee of 300 SEK and after that nothing. However, we recommend that if you are prevented, have changed your mind, etc., to utilize second-hand sales. Name change on participants will be possible until 5/5, then badges etc. are sent for printing.

What cancellation rules will apply if the event is cancelled?

If the event must be cancelled, a refund will be made with a deduction of 300 SEK in administrative fees per booking.

Where should you live?

There are several accommodation options available during the national meeting weekend. You can read more about the accommodation options here.

Homeparty? Where will it be hosted?

We will plan for as many Homepartys as possible to be in the cottages at Leksand Strand, where you at registration can fill in if you want or do not want to be a Homeparty host. We hope that as many as possible can consider being a Homeparty host in their own cottage. Some Homepartys will also be with the local population in Leksand. As usual, we will provide everyone with both food and drink, where the Homeparty host provides the hospitality. Read more about Homeparty.

Are there options of home hosting available?


How many tickets are there?

We will release a total of 1000 places for the Swedish AGM 2024! The release will take place in two stages, where each organization has reserved tickets. This number includes the reserved places for club delegates, the boards of the organizations, etc.

Can anyone participate in the AGM?

The starting point for participating in the AGM 2024 is that you have a connection to our organizations. The AGM is the most important meeting we have in the organizations and of course it is of immense importance that we get a broad representation from the country’s clubs. The emphasis on participation will of course be on active members within LC and RT, but a certain number of tickets are also set aside for Tangent and OT and there will be limited opportunities for the clubs to bring a few guests.

Is it possible to only participate in parts of the weekend?

The AGM weekend is sold as a package. If you only wish to participate in the meeting proceedings on Saturday, this is an option (price includes lunch) when booking.

How do I contact you?

You can find contact information for all separate groups and contact persons on the Contact page.

What should I bring with me?

It’s a 3-day weekend with several different events and activities that suitably require different outfits… But some good things to have might be Painkillers, rehydration tablets, Alvedon-gel for sore feet, snacks, comfortable shoes, towel, decorations for your cottage, the rest can be bought on site!

As someone who has never been to an AGM – what can I expect?

Oh, how to summarize with a few short lines… An AGM must be experienced! That’s just how it is. Wherever you are during an AGM weekend – you are surrounded by friends. After an AGM weekend, you will have the biggest and widest smile on your lips. To get a sense of what it can be like at an AGM, we ask you to check out our Instagram.

Is it okay to switch to comfortable shoes if your feet can’t hold up?

Of course! Priority on health and that you can manage to dance all night!